Event Kits

Brickyt offers several LEGO related services ranging from design to production to promotional campaigns.

If you would like to inquire about our services please contact us via our commission request form.

Design services

LEGO kit design

We offer LEGO kit designs similar to the kits available in our online store. We can design LEGO models based on your specifications that can be produced in quantity and will be buildable by your target audience.

LEGO display model design

Display models are detailed LEGO creations designed for maximum impact. They are intended for promotion, event centerpieces, or unique pieces of art. We can design LEGO display models at any scale based on your specifications.

Assembly instructions

We can produce high quality step-by-step instructions detailing the construction of a LEGO creation.

Production services

Retail-quality LEGO kits

We offer custom LEGO kits similar to the ones available in our online store. In your desired quantities we can produce kits based on your own design or one that you have commissioned from us. We will obtain the parts, sort them into individual kits, and package them. Our packaging options include a ziplock bag, a ziplock bag with a high-quality printed card, or a clamshell case with an attractive printed insert.

Event kits (bulk unsorted kits)

Providing your event attendees a custom LEGO kit is a great way to create a fun, unique, and engaging experience as well as an awesome souvenir that is defiantly going to get talked about.

Event kits are Brickyt’s most economical method of offering our custom LEGO kits and is only available via special order. Tell us which of our kits you would like and the quantity required and we will send you all the parts necessary to assemble the kits. Please note that this shipment is sorted by part and will require additional labor by the recipient to organize into individual kits. As part of the event kit package we will also include labels to assist you, your staff, or your event attendees in parting out the bricks into individual sets.

Event kits are great for promotional events, camps, staff appreciation, parties, LUG meetings, and fund raisers. If you are interested in this service, please contact us for details on how to best utilize an event kit at your next event.

LEGO display model assemblage

We can procure the parts for, assemble, and deliver LEGO display models for temporary or permanent installations. Please note that depending on the size and nature of the display, travel expenses for our builders may be incurred.

Customized elements

We can produce or acquire a variety of custom LEGO compatible elements including but not limited to:

  • LEGO elements with custom printing
  • LEGO elements with custom engraving
  • Stickers
  • Fabric elements
  • Plastic sheet elements
  • LEGO compatible elements
  • Lighting elements
  • Motorized elements

Promotional services

LEGO Ideas campaign

Our team has successfully created two LEGO sets via the LEGO Ideas platform and has officially contributed to 12 campaigns that have reached the review stage. We can apply our unique skills and expertise to your LEGO Ideas campaign as well, providing the following services:

  • Create a LEGO design that inspires votes and is practical as a real LEGO set
  • Design custom figures to enhance the impact of the campaign
  • Create powerful visuals and compelling text
  • Research potential audiences for the campaign
  • Orchestrate a social media campaign to reach voters

Additionally, if LEGO chooses not to produce your LEGO Ideas concept we can work with you to produce custom kits based on the concept.

Social marketing

Everyone loves LEGO. We know how to tie your message to LEGO in a way that will motivate people to share and click through, creating a cost effective and powerful marketing campaign.

Branding & sponsorship

If one of our products pairs well with your organization or message we may be interested in collaborating with you. We would be happy to discuss possibilities with you.